Tommy Green wins the Footballers’ Sprint

August 7, 1920
The sports at the Stanley Athletic Grounds under the auspices of the National Warehouse and General Workers’ Union, proved a huge success. Naturally chief interest was centred in the footballers’ 100 yards race, for which there was an entry of 33. Only 13, however, toed the line to await the pistol. Tommy Green (ex-South Liverpool) won after a dead heat with William Molyneux (Tranmere Rovers), Dick Forshaw (Liverpool) being third.

100 Yards Scratch (Open to Everton, Liverpool, South Liverpool and Tranmere Rovers Football Clubs):
Heat 1: Tommy Green, South Liverpool, 1; Harry Chambers, Liverpool, 2; won easily; three ran.
Heat 2: Jim Penman, Liverpool, 1; Jack Pendleton, South Liverpool; four ran.
Heat 3: Dick Forshaw, Liverpool, walk-over.
Heat 4: William Molyneux, Tranmere Rovers, 1; Ted Winn, South Liverpool, won by two yards, two ran.
Heat 5: Chris Harrington, South Liverpool, 1; J. Hampson, South Liverpool 2; five yards, three ran.
Heat 6: Lev Page, Everton, walk-over.

Second Round:
Heat 1: Green, 1; Forshaw 2; won by five yards.
Heat 2: Molyneux, 1; Winn 2; two yards.

Green, 1; Molyneux, 1; Forshaw, 3. Dead heat; inches. In the decider, after three attempts, they got well away, Green winning by a yard.

Green ran well in each of his heats, and in the decider he got the better of his Tranmere rival by a yard. His victory settles a much-discussed point amongst football followers.

Liverpool’s relay team (Harry Chambers, Tom Miller, Jim Penman, Peter McKinney) beat the Everton four (Lev Page, Bob Thompson, John McDonald, Frank Mitchell), rather easily. Penman soon gave Liverpool a winning lead, which was maintained, Miller completing the final furlong an easy winner from Page, with Harrington (South Liverpool) third.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: August 9, 1920)

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