Albert Tebay: A dashing Kent footballer

April 2, 1921
Albert Tebay, the dashing centre-forward of Ashford Railway Works, is a footballer with a reputation. At School he made a name for himself as a goalkeeper, and subsequently represented the North against the South in schoolboy football. He came into high-class junior football with Ormskirk F.C. (Liverpool County Combination), where he was tried as centre-forward.

At the age of 18 he was in first-class football with Southport (Central League), 1912-13-14, and it was with this team that he began his professional career. During the war he joined the Liverpool Scottish, in which he attained the rank of sergeant and physical drill instructor. With the regiment he first came down South, and was at Ashford in 1915, going to Maidstone later on. In the county town he was well-known in football circles, and assisted the Maidstone Club on several occasions, one of which was the cup-tie final victory against Chatham in 1918.

Whilst his regiment was stationed at Aldershot in 1916-17 he assisted Queens Park Rangers, in the London Combination, as outside right, and this gave him his first experience with first-class football in the South, playing against Tottenham, Chelsea, West Ham, Southampton, Brentford, etc.

The war over, he returned to the North and signed on for Liverpool as outside right. In that position he played against Bolton Wanderers, but he transferred to Tranmere Rovers (Central League), from which team he came down South to Ashford.

His average goal-record is about 40 a season. He has so far scored 19 goals in the Kent League. Tebay has style and personality – he is very quick on his feet and can get in a hot shot where no one else can. He has a clever trick of turning suddenly on his heel and putting in a surprise shot. Wherever he has gone in Kent he has been hailed with keen delight as a football whom it is good to watch.
(Source: East Kent Gazette: April 2, 1921)

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