Kenneth Campbell’s life story – Part VII

Saturday, June 18 – 1921
My five minutes with the king
when we lost the English Cup.

By Kenneth Campbell.

“Kenneth Campbell, the famous goalkeeper for Partick Thistle and Scotland, continues the story of his football career. Joining Liverpool when a lad as understudy to the renowned Sam Hardy, the prince of English goalkeepers, Kenneth ultimately succeeded in displacing Hardy, who went to Aston Villa. A year ago he was chosen to guard Scotia’s goal against England, and shortly afterwards he joined Partick Thistle, and this season he played against Wales and Ireland, and helped his club to win the Scottish Cup.”

1921-kenneth-campbell-life-story-part-7-1 1921-kenneth-campbell-life-story-part-7-2 1921-kenneth-campbell-life-story-part-7-3 1921-kenneth-campbell-life-story-part-7-4 1921-kenneth-campbell-life-story-part-7-5 1921-kenneth-campbell-life-story-part-7-6 1921-kenneth-campbell-life-story-part-7-7
(The Weekly News, 18-11-1921)

Liverpool’s cup final team – note Mosscrop should read Tom Miller.
1914 Liverpools FA Cup final team


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