Liverpool F.C. balance sheet 1920-21

June 27, 1921
Six candidates for three seats.
The balance-sheet of the Liverpool Football Club was issued to-day, and shows that the club had a very good season. The income amounted to £39,354 12s. 8d., and a balance of £12,490 is recorded.

The receipts from League and Central League matches amounted to £46,331 and £10,130 was paid out in entertainment tax.

On the expenditure side players’ wages and bonuses cost £10,699 and benefits £1,650.

The twenty-ninth annual general meeting will be held at the Law Association Rooms, Cooke-street, on Tuesday, July 5.

The directors recommend the payment of dividends as follows:-
5 per cent for 1918; 5 per cent for 1919 and 5 per cent for 1921, all free of income-tax.

The retiring directors are:
Messrs. John Keating and Matt McQueen, who, being eligible, offer themselves for re-election.

The following have also been nominated: –
Messrs. Walter Henry Cartwright, 254 Walton Breck Road; James Conrad Cross, Tuebrook House, West Derby Road; John Joseph Hill, 54 Harwood Street; and William Harvey Webb, 121 Priory Road, Anfield.
** There are therefore six candidates for three seats.

The details of income and expenditure are given below: –

To Players’ Wages and Bonuses: £10,699 12s. 0d.;
“ Players’ benefits: £1,650;
“ Travelling expenses, including special
training and cup-tie expenses: £2,908 17s. 5d.;
“ Training expenses and trainers wages: £831 3s. 6d.;
“ To Ground expenses and groundsmen’s wages: £937 9s. 7d.;
“ To repairs and renewals: £2,965;
“ To doctor fees and medicine: £69 7s. 2d.;
“ Gate expenses (League and Central League): £1,103 9s. 6d.;
“ Referees and linesmen’s expenses: £232 4s. 10d.;
“ Clothing expenses and stores: £168 5s. 4d.;
“ Subscriptions and contributions: £466 14s. 2d.;
“ Advertising, printing and bill posting: £330 7s. 0d.;
“ Rates, income tax, mortgage, and other insurances: £2,716 19s. 1d.;
“ Office expenses, telephone, stationery, etc.: £98 6s. 9d.;
“ General charges, including refreshments,
fuel, lightening, water, audit, etc.: £576 8s. 9d.;
“ Office salaries: £868 13s. 4d.;
“ Mortgage and other interest: £242 13s. 7d.;
Total: £26,864 12s. 0d.;

Balance profit to balance sheet: £12,490 0s. 8d.;
Total: £39,354 12s. 8d.

By gates receipts, League and Central League Matches: £46,331 0s. 2d.;
** Deduct – Entertainment Tax: £10,130 0s. 1d.;
** 20 p.c. of Gate Receipts paid to visiting Clubs: £5,514 17s. 8d.

Less – Received from Away Matches: £4,361 1s. 8d.;
*** Total: £1,153 1s. 8d.;

½ p.c. Subscription to Football League: £98 11s. 7d.;
*** Total: £11,382 7s. 8d.;
*** Grand total: £34,948 12s. 6d.

Proceeds English Cup Ties (Home): £2,414 1s. 6d.;
** Less – Entertainment Tax: £527 1s. 6d.;
Paid to Visiting Clubs and Gate Expenses: £1,006 18s. 10d.;
Percentage to Football Association: £92 18s. 3d.;
*** Total: £1,626 18s. 7d.;
*** Grand total: £787 2s. 10d.

Add –
Received from Away matches, nett: £2,435 7s. 2d.;
** Total: £3,222 10s. 0d.;
Proceeds English Cup Semi Final Tie nets: £362 6s. 2d.;
Liverpool Senior Cup, nett: £93 17s. 11d.;
Sundry Rents and Receipts from Programme Contractors: £266 15s. 6d.;
Interest on War Loan: £77 10s. 0d.;
Bank interest (Deposit and Current Accounts): £383 0s. 7d.;

** Grand total: £39,354 12s. 8d.
(Source: Evening Express: June 27, 1921; via © 2018 Findmypast Newspaper Archive Limited


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