Liverpool F.C.: The annual meeting of 1921 (Liverpool Echo)

July 5, 1921
The annual meeting of the shareholders of the members of the Liverpool Football Club was held at the Law Association Rooms, Cook Street, last evening. Mr. William Robert  Williams presided, and there was large attendance of shareholders.

The chairman, in moving the adoption of the report, alluded sympathetically to the loss the directorate has sustained in the death of Mr. Albert Worgan, who had been a most devoted supporter of the club.

There was another subject for regret in the injury to Jack Sheldon, whose broken leg was more serious than was at first thought. They trusted, however, to see this fine player back with them again before very long. At the same time there was a possibility that football might see him again, though the most expert medical advice was being obtained.

The speaker mentioned that in finishing fourth in the League competition, they were naturally disappointed, but they were taking all possible steps to strengthen their forces. It was a matter for congratulation to think that the Liverpool team was one of the cleanest in the country.

No penalty had been given against them throughout the season. With regard to the financial position, the last liability of the club vanished last season. They now had £16,500 in hand. It is proposed to run a third team next season, in which both amateurs and professionals would take part. This team would play on a ground which had been secured in the Wavertree district. The club had taken this step with the object of “nursing” young players.

Present transfer fees were prohibitive, and they did not feel justified in spending large sums in acquiring players who might or might not prove successful.

The report was adopted, and a dividend of 5 per cent, for each of the past three years was declared.

The retiring directors were Messrs. John Keating and Matt McQueen, who offered themselves for re-election; and other nominees for the three vacancies were Messrs. Walter Henry Cartwright, James Conrad Cross, John Joseph Hill and William Harvey Webb.

Messrs. Cartwright, Hill and Webb were elected directors.
(Liverpool Echo: July 6, 1921)


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