George Harold Beadles: A promising Welsh recruit

October 10, 1921
The Liverpool directors are noted for taking courage in both hands when faced with a difficult situation. At the outset of the season they introduced a junior as leader of the attack in consequence of an enforced operation upon Dick Johnson, and as Billy Matthews was indisposed, George Harold Beadles, who a short five months ago was playing in local junior football, and who has filled the inside-left berth for Harry Chambers (injured a fortnight ago) with distinct credit, was selected to lead the van at Deepdale. He obtained the goal that gave Liverpool a valuable point, and thus far the enterprise of the Liverpool management has been fully justified.

George Harold Beadles is a product of Newtown (Montgomeryshire). Joining the army in 1914, he first launched out upon his football career with the 1st/7th Royal Welch Fusiliers, and played under George Latham, a former stalwart of the Liverpool club. Following upon demobilisation he threw in his lot with the Newtown club, and at the beginning of last season joined Grayson’s, of Garston.

He had a successful time as inside left, and had 35 goals to his credit, when he came under the notice of the astute officials of Liverpool. He is a full ninety minutes player, with a capital idea of the most direct way to goal, and though short of inches should prove a useful member of the side when occasion comes.
(Source: Athletic News: October 10, 1921)

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