Huddersfield Town v Liverpool 0-1 (League match)

Saturday, January 21 – 1922
Match: Football League, First Division, at Leeds Road, kick-off: 14:45.
Huddersfield Town – Liverpool 0-1 (0-0).
Attendance: 20,000.
Referee: Mr. J.F. Pearson.
Huddersfield Town (2-3-5): Ted Davis, James Wood, Sam Wadsworth, Charlie Slade, Billy Watson, Colin McKay, Ted Richardson, Frank Mann, Ernie Islip, Clem Stephenson, Billy Smith.
Liverpool (2-3-5): Elisha Scott, Tommy Lucas, Donald Mackinlay, John McNab, Walter Wadsworth, Tom Bromilow, William Lacey, Dick Forshaw, Harry Chambers, Harry Lewis, Fred Hopkin.
The goal: 0-1 Chambers (80 min.).

Until just before the close there was every indication that the exciting and splendidly contested game between Huddersfield Town and Liverpool, at Leeds Road, would end in a goalless draw. At the outset the forwards on both sides had been very clever and enterprising, and the defences were frequently in difficulties on the soft and slippery ground, the goalkeepers being quite unable to hold the greasy ball. The backs, however, soon adapted themselves to te conditions, and although there were thrilling struggles in the neighbourhood of both goals there was no score until ten minutes from the end. Wadsworth, the Town left-back, who otherwise played a sound, hard-working game, then miss-kicked the ball and let in Chambers, only ten yards in front of goal. Davis rushed out, but he was too late, and the Liverpool centre-forward scored in simple fashion.

Huddersfield made herculean efforts in the closing minutes to save the game, and two or three times came within inches of scoring; but Liverpool had all the luck that was going, and carried off both points when, on the run of the play, they certainly deserved no more than one.

Watson made a very sound, hard-working deputy for Wilson at centre-half for Huddersfield, and Richardson seems to have come back to his best form at outside right, though he still has a tendency to hang on to the ball too long and get himself tied up near the corner flag.

In spite of the defeat the 15,000 spectators were thoroughly satisfied with the display of the Town, who are undoubtedly one of the best teams in the country at the present time.

Result: – Liverpool 1 goal, Huddersfield Town none.
(Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer, 23-01-1922)

League table as of January 21 – 1922.


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