Liverpool trio in England trial

January 30, 1922
The selected elevens for the Trial Match, England v. North, are as follows: –
England: Jerry Dawson (Burnley); Tommy Clay (Tottenham Hotspur), Tommy Lucas (Liverpool); Frank Moss (Aston Villa), George Wilson (Sheffield Wednesday), Arthur Grimsdell (Tottenham Hotspur) (capt.); Sam Chedgzoy (Everton), Bob Kelly (Burnley), Frank Roberts (Bolton Wanderers), Billy Walker (Aston Villa), and George Harrison (Everton).

North. – Teddy Davison (Sheffield Wednesday); Joe Smith (West Bromwich Albion), Harry Jones (Nottingham Forest); Sammy Richardson (West Bromwich Albion), Max Woosnam (Manchester City) (capt.), Tom Bromilow (Liverpool); George Donkin (Barnsley), Billy Kirton (Aston Villa), Norman Creek (Cambridge University), Harry Chambers (Liverpool), and Billy Smith (Huddersfield).
Reserves to travel. – Tommy Wilson (Huddersfield) and Horace Barnes (Manchester City).
(Derby Daily Telegraph, 31-01-1922)

Liverpool’s Tommy Lucas (from private collection).

Tommy Lucas


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