The FA Cup draw – Third round

Monday, January 30 – 1922
The draw for the third round of the Football Association Cup was made in London yesterday, and officials, appointed as follows: –

Tottenham Hotspur v Manchester City. Referee: Mr. G.N. Watson (Nottingham); linesmen: Messrs. S.J. Fletcher (Lowestoft) and T.M. Phillips (Cambridge).

Barnsley v Preston North End. Referee: Mr. T.G. Bryan (Willenhall); linesmen: Messrs: J.G. Sheppardson (Grimsby) and W.H. Moody (Grimsby).

Blackburn Rovers v Brighton and Hove Albion or Huddersfield Town. Referee: Mr. J.W.D. Fowler (Sunderland); linesmen: Messrs. T.R. Jackson (West Kirby) and P.B. Johnson (Sheffield).

The Arsenal v Leicester City. Referee: Mr. W.E. Russell (Swindon); linesmen: Messrs. W.J. Griston (North Walsham) and A.E. Wood (Essex).

West Bromwich Albion v Bradford City or Notts County. Referee: Mr. A. Ward (Kirkham); linesmen: Messrs. A.J. Crockett (Worcester) and W.H. Taylor (Longridge).

Northampton Town or Stoke v Aston Villa. Referee: Mr. T. Todman (Croydon); linesmen: Messrs. S. Philpott (Shrewsbury) and G.N. White (Liverpool).

Southampton or Cardiff City v Nottingham Forest. Referee: Mr. A.E. Oaseley (Wolverhampton); linesmen: if at Southampton, Messrs: H.E. Gray (London) and A.F. Robinson (Middlesex); if at Cardiff: Messrs. E.L. Roberts (Birmingham) and T.H. Harding (Wolverhampton).

Crystal Palace or Millwall v Swansea Town. Referee: Mr. F.J. Proctor (Stafford); linesmen: Messrs. Captain Prince Cox (RAF) and F.W. Smith (Hugglescote).

To be played on February 18. Kick-off 3 p.m. Re-plays same time.
(Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer, 31-01-1922)

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