Liverpool v Huddersfield Town 0-1 (Charity Shield)

Wednesday, May 10 – 1922
Match: Charity Shield, at Old Trafford, kick-off: 18:30.
Liverpool – Huddersfield Town 0-1 (0-0).
Attendance: 20,000.
Liverpool (2-3-5): Elisha Scott, Ephraim Longworth, Donald Mackinlay, John McNab, Walter Wadsworth, Tom Bromilow, William Lacey, Dick Forshaw, Harry Chambers, Harry Lewis, Fred Hopkin.
Huddersfield Town (2-3-5): Alex Mutch, James Wood, Sam Wadsworth, Charlie Slade, Tommy Wilson, Billy Watson, Ted Richardson, Frank Mann, Ernie Islip, Clem Stephenson, Billy Smith.
The goal: 0-1 Wilson (85 min.).

A splendid goal scored by Wilson fifteen minutes from the close, on the Manchester United ground last night, enabled Huddersfield Town to defeat Liverpool in the game for the Football Association Charity Shield.

There was an almost entire lack of robust play, but the game was nevertheless interesting, both teams occasionally showing glimpses of real science. For the most part, however, the finishing of both sets of forwards, especially the inside men, was rather weak, as opening after opening was frittered away, and even on the few occasions when a shot was directed on the goal the respective custodians, Mutch and Scott, were quite capable of dealing with the danger.

It really looked as if a goalless draw was inevitable, and ten thousand spectators were speculating as to the destination of the trophy, wen Huddersfield forced a corner on the right, and after the ball had twice been partially cleared, it reached Wilson, who drove the ball through a crowd of defenders high into the far corner of the net, a really splendid shot. Generally speaking, Huddersfield fully deserved their victory, their all-round play being superior to that of the League champions.

In the first half the Yorkshiremen enjoyed a surfeit of opportunities, and on one occasion they claimed confidently for a goal when Scott saved a shot from Smith at the foot of the post. At the close the Shield and medals were presented to Huddersfield by Mr. J.C. Clegg, who also presented the Championship Cup and medals to Liverpool.

Result:  Huddersfield 1 goal, Liverpool none.
(Yorkshire Post, 11-05-1922)

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