Liverpool F.C. balance sheet 1921-22

 July 3, 1922
When the thirteenth annual meeting of the Liverpool Club, the Football League champions, takes places on Wednesday there will be a pleasant balance-sheet for the shareholders to discuss. The finances of the club are in keeping with their successful playing season. A sum of £45,814 7s. 1d. accrued from League match and Central League match “gates.” Of this sum £9,887 13s. 4d. was paid in entertainment tax, and while £3,946 was received from away matches, Liverpool paid in the 20 per cent allocation to visitors the sum of £5,218. The gross income from League matches and English Cup ties amounted to nearly £52,000, but additional items of income were derived from the Lancashire Cup, the Liverpool Cup, and proceeds from the international match played at Anfield.

On the other hand, players wages and bonuses absorbed £12,477 9s. 3d., and travelling and training expenses £3,411 0d. 6d., while standing charges were another large factor on the expenses side. For instance, £2,757 18s. 5d. was spent on ground improvements and renewals.

Liverpool are one of the few clubs able to show a profit on the season’s working. This amounts to £6,329 9s. 6d. The club is realising how success begets success. One feature of the balance-sheet, which in view of he playing results achieved is a testimony to wise management, is the total absence of reference to the payment of transfer fees.
(Source: Athletic News: July 3, 1922)

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