Liverpool F.C.: The annual meeting of 1922 (Liverpool Echo)

July 5, 1922
Liverpool’s huge building scheme
There was another quick-despatched annual general meeting locally last night, when Liverpool, under the guidance of the business-like Mr. William Robert Williams, got through the agenda and left “time to spare.” It was another happy meeting, although in place of the 400 shareholders at the dinner a week ago there were only forty present last night!

The main points of the meeting were the announcement of the chairman that a boys’ pen is being erected at Anfield to accommodate 4,000 “men of the future,” and the fact that this is only part of a big building up scheme will be pleasant news to supporters of the championship club. Mr. Williams went on to say that there was more to follow. He had read criticisms of the weak spots in the Liverpool team, but he did not think need have a nightmare concerning their side, for Dick Johnson, the centre, now perfectly fit, and John Bamber was thoroughly tuned up. They did not act sparingly or in niggardly fashion, but they were not keen to rush in for players with reputations, if such players were not an improvement on what they had already on their books. “Moreover,” said Mr. Williams, “I believe the art is blending players, not in buying players.”

References was made to the retirement of Mr. John McKenna from the board, and Mr. Williams said: “We cannot go without thanking Mr. McKenna for his wonderful service during the past thirty years. I have had nineteen years close contact with Mr. McKenna, and I appreciate him as a chairman, a director, and a man.”

Messrs. William Robert Williams, Thomas Crompton and Edward Askew Bainbridge, and also the auditors, Messrs. Simon Jude and West, were re-elected, and a dividend of 7 per cent. allocated.

The players engaged for the coming season are:
Goal: Elisha Scott, Frank Mitchell, Charles Pearson and Fred Wood.
Backs: Ephraim Longworth, Tommy Lucas, Donald Mackinlay, Ted Parry, James Kane, John Lillie and Jimmy Garner.
Half-backs: John McNab, Walter Wadsworth, Tom Bromilow, John Bamber, Frank Checkland, William Cunningham, Peter McKinney, Bill Rogers and Ronald Mitchell.
Forwards: William Lacey, Dick Forshaw, Harry Chambers, Dick Johnson, Harry Lewis, George Harold Beadles, Fred Hopkin, Cyril Gilhespy, Danny Shone, Harold Wadsworth, Griff Owen, Jimmy Walsh and George Smith.

Alluding to the players engaged, Mr. Williams said everyone was pleased with Pearson, the Tyneside goalkeeper. Garner was a local half-back who had done very well; McKinney was a forward who had become a half-back; R. Mitchell was a Skelmersdale player, J. Walsh a big forward from Stockport, and G. Smith came from Rochdale. The club was not afraid of the expense when it came to strengthening their team, but if they signed a man they wanted to know that he would be an improvement on what they had got.

The question of shareholders’ rights when cup tickets are for sale was mentioned, and one speaker said that there had been too much marketing of tickets in the past.

On the motion of Mr. Crosbie, seconded by Mr. Chris Porter, a vote of thanks was passed with acclamation to the directors, and the chairman was specially mentioned for the admirable work done during the championship year.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: July 6, 1922)

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