Aston Villa’s new stand

August 4, 1922
Mr. Fred Rinder was kind enough to take our Birmingham correspondent over the new Aston Villa stand on Friday. It is making good headway, and would have been far more forward but for the attitude of the trade unions, who have forbidden any of the men to work more than eight hours per day. This has lost the Villa practically a month.

The Villa were most anxious to get the stand finished for the first match on August 26, when Blackburn Rovers are the visitors, but it will not be quite ready, although it is certain that a large portion of it will be available. When the finishing touches are given, it will be a magnificent structure.

The architecture is excellent. There is a charming design, with a handsome balcony overlooking a bowling green. The feature of the stand is the distributing hall, which will mean that congestion will be unknown. The public enter from three or four points, and find themselves in a long, wide hall, from which they make for any point they like.

There are wide staircases everywhere, and when the marbello floors are laid, this distributing hall will be a fine place. There are commodious luncheon and tea rooms. Mr. Rinder believes that the luncheon room will greatly restrict congestion, and will be a great boon to visiting spectators.

An important feature of the stand is the accommodation provided for the players. They heva large dressing-rooms, with various kinds of baths, and they and the officials are quite away from contact with the public.

There is a special room which will be electrically equipped, even to the installation of Rontgen-rays, so that any player injured may receive immediate treatment.
(Source: Athletic News: August 7, 1922)

Villa Park, the home of Aston Villa F.C.

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