The death of George Fleming

August 12, 1922
It is with deepest regret that I record the death of George Fleming, the Liverpool team’s assistant trainer. He has been ailing for some time, and on Saturday night succumbed to his illness.

George was a lovable fellow. He came to Liverpool from Wolverhampton Wanderers in the years gone well by. It would be about 1900 or thereabouts when he was signed up, and his work at half-back was always of that studious and hefty character that characterised the man’s endeavour for his side. He was hard, scrupulously fair at all times, and a willing helpmate. In later years he was, to my own knowledge, one of the best helpers a junior player ever had.

He it was that championed the cause of Tom Bromilow, who got a show much earlier than he would otherwise have done. Fleming could “smell” a good footballer. I spent many a happy hour with him, and don’t forget his racing interests. Time was when he and the boys were at Chingford, and finding no one to make a book they asked me to send off the “specials.” Of course I expected straight bets, but they seemed to be full of “ifs and buts,” and “any to come” considerations, so that it would have cost me a pound in telegraphic fees if I had wired them. Thomas Fairfoull joined up with me in the amateur bookmaking business for the day, and all was going well. Not a winner had arrived by four o’clock. Only one horse remained. All the lads were on it, though it had not won a race for three years. Fleming was the tipster in this case, and all followed him. Jimmy Nicholl offered to take the remaining bets from us, but we held tight – and the horse won at 100-6, all Liverpool F.C. on it!

Whenever they go training for a cup final again I shall wire their instructions, so far as racing is concerned.

May George rest in peace. He worked hard for it. The funeral is on Thursday, at Anfield, 12 o’clock.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: August 14, 1922)

Liverpool Echo: August 15, 1922.

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