George Fleming buried at Anfield

August 17, 1922
The late George Fleming

Many sympathisers at interment at Anfield
The interment of the late Mr. George Fleming, the Liverpool F.C.’s assistant trainer, took place at Anfield Cemetery to-day. A service was held in SS Simon and Jude’s Church, conducted by the Rev. J. Rosebotham, who also officiated at the graveside. A large crowd of sympathisers watched the committal of the body.

The chief mourners were Mrs. Fleming (widow), Mr. James Fleming (son), Miss Nellie Fleming (daughter), Mr. James Fleming (brother), Miss Helen Fleming (sister), Miss Mary Fleming (sister), Mr. and Mrs. Wise (father and mother-in-law), Mr. and Mrs. Baddeley, Mr. James Fleming (nephew).

Other mourners included the directors of the Liverpool Football Club – Messrs. William Robert Williams (chairman), John Asbury (vice chairman), Richard Lawson Martindale Snr, Edward Askew Bainrbridge, Thomas Crompton, Walter Henry Cartwright, William Harvey Webb, Matt McQueen, John Joseph Hill, George Patterson (secretary), David Ashworth (manager), William Connell (trainer), Charles Wilson (coach), Joe Hewitt (assistant trainer), Bert Riley (groundsman), W. Constantine (assistant groundsman), Mr. Tom Baddeley (Wolverhampton), and all the players of the Liverpool club.

There were also present Messrs. H. Ashton (Bowls Association), S. Hayes (West Derby Guardians), S. Potts (Sandon Bowling Club), J. Hughes, J.W. Lawson, G. Balmer, W. Parker, J. Harkness, A.S. Jones, R.H. Harrison, J. Southworth, W. Bragg, G. Cuff, A. Padley, R. Boothby, Fred Geary, W.E. Jones, W. Dewhurst, J.T. Hartley, B. Newman, and Andy McGuigan.

Wreaths were sent by “Wife and family,” “Father,” “Brother and Sisters,” Mr. and Mrs. Bennett, Sandon Bowling Club, Mr. J. Pratt and Son (Sandon), Mr. and Mrs. J. Owen, Mr. J. Hodgson, “Florrie and Charlie,” Mr. and Mrs. Woods, “Will and Lizzie,” Mr. T. Turnick, Staff of Sandon Hotel, Mrs. Parker, Directors of the Liverpool Football Club, Players and Staff of the Liverpool Football Club.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: August 17, 1922)


A loyal servant of the Liverpool Football Club was laid to rest last week, when George Fleming was interred at Anfield. Fleming in his day, rendered the champions yeoman service. As a player he was reliability itself, and after he had passed active participation in the game he served in the capacity of assistant trainer.
(The Athletic News: August 21, 1922)


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