Season preview 1922/23: Blackburn Rovers F.C. (The Athletic News)

August 21, 1922
In each of the three seasons that has passed since football was resumed in earnest, Blackburn Rovers have had to struggle more or less to keep in the First Division, and their supporters naturally think it is high time there was a change for the better.

Having decided to change their policy and cultivate local talent, under the guidance of the new manager, Mr. Jack Carr, the directors have only made two notable additions to the playing strength, these being R. Bond, the outside right, of Preston North End and Bradford City fame, and Edwin Davis, the Huddersfield Town goalkeeper, who will fill the vacancy caused by the departure of Alfred Robinson.

The only other newcomers, apart from juniors who will supply the newly-formed third team, are J. Robson, an outside-left from High Fell, Durham, and R. Foster, a left half-back, also from Durham. For the rest the old brigade will have to suffice, and it will be seen from the list of players given below that Rollo has been retained, although he was placed on te transfer list last season.

Many people have doubts about the strength of the defensive reserves, but in T. Williamson, of Kirkintilloch Rob Roy, who was signed last season, the club possesses a really promising centre half-back.

Of last season’s players not retained Bill McCall has gone to Wolverhampton Wanderers, Bert Ralphs to Stoke, Donnelly to Accrington Stanley, John McDonald to Dundee, William Sandham to Rochdale, and William Simpson to Aberaman, Pat Robinson, Levy Thorpe, Fergie Aitken, Joe Duckworth, and Duncan have not yet fixed up.

One of several “improvements” on the ground involves the banishment of the Press from the main to the Riverside stand. Here the reporters will be completely removed from access to the dressing rooms and offices. Their old seats are considered too valuable, and will be let to people who are ready to pay for them. Thus does the Press get its reward for its services to the club and football generally. Happily ‘tis not so on most grounds. It is of the utmost importance that reporters should have the best facilities for communication with the teams and officials, and no one should know this better than the Rovers.

The list of players engaged is: –

Player Birthplace Position Height Weight
Ronnie Sewell Middlesbrough Goalkeeper 5 11 1/2 12 6
Ted Davis Bristol Goalkeeper 6 0 14 0
Bernard Wrigley Clitheroe Goalkeeper 5 9 11 0
David Rollo Belfast Right back 5 7 11 6
Richard Walmsley Blackburn Right back 5 11 1/2 11 6
James Forrest Blackburn Right back 5 7 10 5
Tom Wylie Darvel Left back 5 6 10 6
Frank Crawley Paisley Left back 5 10 12 13
A. Murray Oban Left back 5 9 11 0
Tommy Heaton Blackburn Left back 5 9 11 0
Harry Healless Blackburn Right half 5 9 11 0
Alex Pool Annan Right half 5 10 11 5
Frank Reilly Perth Centre half 5 10 12 10
Tom Williamson Dalmuir Centre half 5 8 11 0
Ronald Fairbrother Poulton Centre half 6 1 1/2 11 0
Jimmy McKinnell Dalbeattie Left half 5 8 1/2 11 0
Billy Watson Darwen Left half 5 8 1/2 10 13
Dickie Bond Preston Outside right 5 6 1/2 10 12
Archie Longmuir Saltcoats Outside right 5 9 11 1
Johnny McIntyre Glasgow Inside right 5 8 1/2 11 0
Norman Rodgers Stockport Inside right 5 8 11 7
Percy Dawson Whitley Bay Centre forward 5 11 1/2 12 5
Ronald Haworth Lower Darwen Centre forward 5 8 11 7
Ernest Hawksworth Rochdale Inside left 5 7 11 8
Jock McKay Glasgow Inside left 5 8 10 0
Peter Holland Hindley Inside left 5 5 1/2 10 5
Bobby Foster Durham Inside left 5 7 10 0
Joe Hodkinson Lancaster Outside left 5 8 10 7
James Robson Durham Outside left 5 8 11 0

(Athletic News: August 21, 1922)

Blackburn Rovers F.C. season 1922-1923.


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