Season preview 1922-23: Preston North End F.C. (The Athletic News)

August 21, 1922
Having spent money rather lavishly during the past two seasons, Preston North End have changed their policy, for not another player of note has been secured. They are hoping to raise what additional men they may want for themselves. They have entered a third team in the West Lancashire League, and have appointed as coach of the Central League team Frank Jefferis.

The withdrawal of the old Everton and International forward will allow Ronald Woodhouse to revert to his real position of inside right, and the regular forward line may be regarded as Rawlings, Woodhouse, Roberts, Sapsford, and Quinn or Quantrill. The latter is more or less a doubtful quantity, although, like Mercer, Latham, and Dugdale, he is now reported to be quite sound again after the removal of his damaged cartilage.

Rawlings was placed on offer after his difference with the management, but he is still with the club, and is expected to be in his usual position. Harry Croft and Tommy ‘Toby’ Green, two youngsters, are the only forwards released. The former has gone to Portsmouth and the latter to Southport.

Whether McCall will last another season after 16 years of great service to the club remains to be seen, but it is hoped that with judicious nursing his days in the field are not yet numbered. When he cannot play both Marshall and Mercer will be available, as the latter was originally a centre half-back.

Though George Waddell has been transferred to Oldham Athletic, the club look like being fairly strong in the intermediate division, and all last season’s backs will be available with the exception of Fred Broadhurst, whose long association with the club has at last been severed by his departure on a free transfer to Stalybridge Celtic.

In goal there will be a change, for Fred Mitchell will in the immediate future be identified with Manchester City, while Arthur Causer has gone to Shrewsbury Town and Fred Fox to Gillingham. The only other departure is James Lees, the old Norwich man, who has left for Halifax Town, and there remain 31 professionals, in addition to an amateur, a tall youth from Whitehaven named J. Wilson, who gives promise of becoming a goalkeeper.

Further improvements have been carried out at the ground, including the addition of a new plunge bath, while the playing pitch has been so lengthened and altered as to make it more spacious while preserving a distance of eight yards at each end between the goalposts and the rails. Staff alterations, too, leave Vincent Hayes with more time to devote to the coaching and preparation of the players, and place the secretarial and financial arrangements in the hands of the heads of a firm of chartered accountants, Messrs. Atkinson and Pomfret.

The following is a list of the players engaged: –

Player Birthplace Position Height Weight
Jimmy Branston Sutton-in-Ashfield Goalkeeper 5 8 11 6
John Elliott Scotswood Goalkeeper 5 10 12 0
J. Wilson Whitehaven Goalkeeper 5 11 11 6
Tommy Hamilton New Cumnock Right back 5 11 12 10
Sandy Doolan Annbank Left back 5 11 1/2 12 7
John Storey Newcastle Full back 5 9 1/2 11 12
George Speak Blackburn Left back 5 8 12 10
Wilf Yates Southport Full back 5 8 1/2 11 10
Tom Duxbury Accrington Right half 5 7 11 7
Bobby Crawford Glespin Half back 5 6 10 12
Joe McCall Kirkbarn Centre half 5 8 1/2 11 12
Billy Mercer Preston Half back 5 7 1/2 10 12
Jack Marshall Southport Centre half 5 11 12 10
Johnny Williamson Fauldhouse Left half 5 6 11 4
Joe Irving Hobson Left half 5 7 1/2 10 7
Peter Cowan Douglas Centre half 5 9 11 7
Con Sullivan Tynemouth Right half 5 8 11 0
John Burnip Hobson Centre half 5 10 11 8
Archie Rawlings Shirebrook Outside right 5 11 1/2 12 0
Roland Woodhouse Leyland Inside right 5 5 10 6
Frank Jefferis Fordingbridge Inside right 5 9 11 3
Tommy Roberts Handsworth Centre forward 5 11 11 12
George Sapsford Manchester Inside left 5 8 1/2 12 0
James Ferris Belfast Inside left 5 7 1/2 11 0
Alf Quantrill Punjab (India) Outside left 5 10 11 0
Peter Quinn Sunderland Outside left 5 7 1/2 11 0
Jack Holland Preston Inside right 5 8 10 7
Fred Marquis Kirkham Inside right 6 1 12 10
J. Dugdale Burradon Inside left 5 7 12 10
Albert Shears Newcastle Centre forward 5 9 10 7
Nicholas Latham Tarleton Inside right 5 10 1/2 11 13
Richard Iddon Tarletob Outside right 5 8 11 6

(The Athletic News: August 21, 1922)
Preston North End 1922-23.
Preston North End, 1922.

Frank Jefferis, Preston North End.

Tommy Hamilton, Preston North End.

Joe McCall, Preston North End.


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