Season preview 1922-23: Sheffield United F.C. (Athletic News)

August 21, 1922
Sheffield United have not deemed it necessary to add many recruits to their forces since the end of las season. As a matter of fact they strengthened their side during the later stages of the last campaign, with the result that a danger of descent which seemed to threaten was banished.

With virtually the same forces at command that lost only one of the last seven League game in April, the United and their enthusiastic followers expect a successful season. Veterans such as George Utley and Jim Harrop no longer will be seen wearing the familiar colours, and O’Connell, Smith, Bob Bolam and Charles Wilson have also departed, but the main strength remains.

With Gough and Blackwell still active, the goal-keeping will be in good hands, and Sturgess and Milton, with four other backs to call upon if necessary, should provide a sound defence. That skilful Scot, McCourt – the only man of that nationality engaged – will again figure in the important position of centre half-back, and there will be eight other good players from whom to select the middle line, including the veteran Brelsford.

The forward line will, as last season, include Mercer and Tunstall on the extreme, and Gillespie, the Irish International, at inside left. The satisfactory filling of the important position of centre provides something of a problem with Johnson, Oldacre, Rawson, and Menlove to select from.

What few new men the United have engaged are all forwards. R. Hughes, who comes from Hull City, formerly played outside right when Mercer was there as inside right, but last season figured at outside left. He is regarded as a very useful forward. R. Muse, an inside right, comes from Leadgate Park, with which club last season he scored over 30 goals in North-Eastern League games. These two recruits were secured in the closing days of last season. Another man who is practically a new-comer, although he played in one game last April, is David Lowe, an outside right from Cradley Heath, the winners of the Birmingham Alliance, and who last season was regarded as one of the cleverest juniors in the Midlands. Altogether 31 players have been engaged, as follows: –

Player Birthplace Position Height Weight
Harold Gough Chesterfield Goalkeeper 5 10 12 6
Ernest Blackwell Sheffield Goalkeeper 5 9 11 0
Albert Sturgess Etruria Right back 5 11 1/2 12 0
Bill Cook Unsworth Right back 5 6 11 6
Ernest Milton Kimberworth Left back 5 8 11 7
Bill Sampy Chapwell Left back 5 8 1/2 11 7
H. Hoyland Sheffield Left back 5 8 11 0
Bill Brelsford Sheffield Right half 5 7 11 9
Harry Pantling Watford Right half 5 8 1/2 11 7
Jimmy McCourt Glasgow Centre half 6 1 13 4
Jimmy Waugh Chapwell Centre half 5 9 11 10
Stan Mace Grimsby Centre half 5 10 12 0
Cliff Halliwell Sheffield Left half 5 8 11 0
Jim Plant Whitwell Left half 5 9 11 7
George Richardson Gainsborough Left half 5 10 10 10
Seth King Penistone Left half 5 8 1/2 11 7
David Mercer St. Helens Outside right 5 6 10 7
Davey Lowe Dudley Outside right 5 8 11 0
Fred Brown Gainsborough Inside right 5 7 11 7
Tommy Sampy Chapwell Inside right 5 7 11 3
Tommy Boyle Sheffield Inside right 5 9 12 0
R. Muse Australia Inside right 5 10 12 0
Bobby Hughes Tyneside Inside right 5 6 10 6
Harry Johnson Ecclesfield Centre forward 5 9 11 0
Percy Oldacre Stoke-on-Trent Centre forward 5 9 11 7
Albert Rawson Sheffield Centre forward 5 9 11 0
Bertie Menlove West Croydon Centre forward 5 8 11 7
Billy Gillespie Londonderry Inside left 5 9 10 9
Walter Hoyland Sheffield Inside left 5 9 11 0
Fred Tunstall Wombwell Outside left 5 7 1/2 11 6
George Bromage Doncaster Outside left 5 8 11 4

(Athletic News: August 21, 1922)

Sheffield United, 1922-23.

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