Dick Johnson himself again

August 28, 1922
But there are some features of these matches which need to be emphasised. Last season Liverpool won the championship of The League without the assistance of their real centre-forward, one Dick Johnson. He broke down before the big ball was brought out, and was never seen on the green field.

This was unfortunate for the player and his club. But Johnson played his first match on Saturday since April 30, 1921, when he appeared at Anfield against Bolton Wanderers. He celebrated his return to the arena by scoring three goals against Arsenal, and in this pointed manner suggested what a handicap his loss was to the premier League team of the previous season.

Dick Johnson.
1922 Dick Johnson

Dick Johnson, who is a native of Gateshead-on-Tyne, started playing with Victoria Adelaide. He had considerable experience and success in Northern Alliance teams, and played with Sunderland in two of their matches in the Victory League.

Then David Ashworth, like Paul Pry, intruded, and secured his signature, Johnson only played in one League match during 1919-20, but in 1920-21 he began brilliantly against Oldham Athletic and Preston North End. In 26 matches that season he obtained 13 goals.

Although only slightly built, he is clever on the ball, and a thrustful and enthusiastic player. With fortune attending his footsteps he is the type of centre-forward who is likely to go far. We do not forget his display against Everton at Goodison Park, in October 1920. This is nearly two years ago, but evidently he has retained his old shooting boots.
(Source: Athletic News: August 28, 1922)

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