England Amateurs v Ireland Amateurs 4-0 (Amateur international: November 11, 1922)

November 11, 1922
International, Amateur friendly, at Deepdale.
England Amateurs – Ireland Amateurs 4-0 (3-0).
Attendance: 6,540; gate receipts: £383.
Referee: Mr. W.F. Bunnell (Preston).
England Amateurs (2-3-5): Howard Baker (Chelsea), J. Thompson (South Bank), Alfred Bower (Captain, The Casuals), J. Lamb (Bishop Auckland), C.B.G. Hunter (Corinthians), F.V. Spiller (Oxford City), M. Howell (The Casuals), Stan Earle (Clapton), W.H. Minter (St. Albans City), Frank Hartley (Oxford City), Lieutenant Kenneth Hegan (The Army).
Ireland Amateurs (2-3-5): N. Adams (Cliftonville), E. Lyttle (Cliftonville), G. Shields (Cliftonville), J. Evans (Glentoran), R. Falloon (Cliftonville), David Addis (Cliftonville), T. Macgill (Glenavon), W. Andrews (Cliftonville), A. Sloan (London Caledonians), A. McIlreavy (Linfield), J. McGrillen (Lindfield).
The goals: 1-0 Hegan (20 min.), 2-0 Hartley (24 min.), 3-0 Hartley (25 min.), 4-0 Hartley (70 min.).


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