Who were the “Liverpool Twins”?

April 21, 1923
The souvenir programme of the War Memorial Fund match on the Baseball Ground on Wednesday contained some interesting information about players, and the following quips: –
* Harry Maskrey, can touch both uprights by stretching out his hands! But he does have to walk a bit, you know.
* Bob Crompton was told by Billy McCracken, “You kick the ball far too much. All you have to do to be a great defender is to walk away from the ball, and let forwards walk after it.” Bob replied, “I’m a footballer, not an offside merchant.”
* Tommy Barbour, when his side was winning, used to waste time by kicking the ball in the air, not out of the field.
* Alec Leake in 1910 was standing on the top on an omnibus in London, after a game with Fulham, and his head came in contact with the arch of a bridge wit such a force that he was knocked to the roadway below. When picked up he wasn’t dead – as he will prove to-night – but considers himself darned lucky.
* James Harrop and Sam Hardy are bosom pals, and used to be know as “The Liverpool Twins.”
* Billy Meredith commenced to use a toothpick rather than a plug of bacca, when they found all the grass at Hyde-road was being killed!
* Steve Bloomer only made on “bloomer” in his life – when he decided to go to Germany as a football coach.
* Jimmy Cantrell is a better shot on the green than he is on the football field.
* Harry Leonard can tel you how to shoot over the bar from one yard range – and also how to get goals.
* George Wall is so small that he was once taken for a corner flag, and when investigation was made it was found that he was, in fact, hiding behind the real flag post!
(Derby Daily Telegraph,: April 21, 1923)

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