Liverpool “A” beat Everton “A” 4-0.

May 3, 1923
Played on New Brighton’s ground. Liverpool were much the stronger team and at the interval led by three goals to nil. In the second half however, they slackened off, with the result that Everton were repeatedly on the attack though they never looked like scoring. At the beginning Everton faced the sun and the slope, and Liverpool, playing beautiful combination, early took the lead while later Harold Wadsworth placed them further ahead when Cyril Gilhesphy swung across a fine centre. Before the interval Griff Owen headed a third goal for Liverpool. Afterwards Everton had most of the attacking, but could not shoot with any promptness or direction, and just before the end Gilhespy went away on his own, and, beating three men, left Lawson helpless with a ground shot. Both goalkeepers made several good saves, and Caddick was the best back on the field.
(Source: Liverpool Daily Post: May 4, 1923)

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