Statistics for Liverpool F.C. 1922-23

May 28, 1923
No club which has gained the principal honours in any of the leading competitions of the last season has been able to complete the programme with so small a band of players as Liverpool.

The champions of the First Division have needed only 19 men, and their extraordinary freedom from mishaps and illness has contributed greatly to the success.

Scott and Mackinlay have taken part in every match, and Longworth could have done so but for England’s necessity in international engagements. No fewer than eleven players have turned out in 30 matches and upwards. The inside forwards have been fine scorers, and the team have been clever and consistent.

We append the appearances in League matches of each player and a list of the scorers: –
League appearances:
John Bamber, 4; George Harold Beadles, 4; Tom Bromilow, 41; Harry Chambers, 39; Dick Forshaw, 42; Cyril Gilhespy, 10; Fred Hopkin, 40; William Lacey, 30; Ephraim Longworth, 41; Tommy Lucas, 1; Donald Mackinlay, 42; John McNab, 39; David Pratt, 7; Jack Sambrook, 2; Elisha Scott, 42; Danny Shone, 1; Harold Wadsworth, 3; Walter Wadsworth, 37.

Goal-scorers: Chambers 22, Forshaw 19, Johnson 14, Mackinlay 4, Bromilow 3, Gilhespy 2, W. Wadsworth 2, Hopkin 1, Lacey 1, McNab 1, Freeman (own goal, Oldham Athletic) 1 – total 70.
** In some sources Mackinlay is given Freeman’s own goal – and so is stated as scoring 5 goals.
(Source: Athletic News: May 28, 1923)

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