Billy McDevitt transferred to Liverpool

June 16, 1923
Signings this week have been remarkably scarce, though there is considerable delight amongst the Liverpool directors in their having been able to sign Billy McDevitt, the noted Irish winger. McDevitt has been a bit of mystery player in his time. He first attracted the attention of English club scouts when he was with Belfast United, and in March, 1921, Swansea Town beat all the clubs on this side of the Channel by signing him. When McDevitt reached South Wales he did not jump into the team as he was expected to do; instead he jumped back to Ireland, and during last season played with the North Belfast United, although still on retain list of Swansea Town. Thus Swansea have had to be consulted in the matter of his transfer, but all this has been settled satisfactorily, and Liverpool now possess a young forward who ought to make his mark if he can but settled down and await patiently his chance to make good in English football.
(Source: Derby Daily Telegraph: June 16, 1923)

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