Liverpool F.C. add to their list

August 8, 1923
It was pretty generally conceded last season that Liverpool F.C. had one of the worst reserve sides in the land. It seemed that the good players suffered through the knowledge that, barring injury to a first-team player, they had no chance of getting in the senior side, and the younger fellows suffered through the excess of desire – “pressing” they call it in golf circle. During the out season many people have been left wondering when Liverpool were going to make a move towards strengthening the weak places. The club have not been asleep, but, as their chairman has said before to-day, Anfield aims at suitable men, of course. It all seems so simple.

Now the club secretary, Mr. George Patterson, announced two signings of more than passing interest. First there is the signing, on an amateur form, of Idwal Davies, the Marine and Welsh international player. This is a big business, for Bolton, Birmingham, and other clubs wanted Idwal, and to my own knowledge there was good ground for believing Idwal had actually signed for Birmingham a month ago. This signature never came to fruition, and the outcome is that Liverpool have gained this ardent young player, who may not have height, but has a will of his own and fiery shot.

Idwal Davies.

Quick to size up situations.
Idwal Davies has played for Wales in the International amateur and otherwise, and there is no doubt that he has a dash that is very vitally wanted in senior football, for he goes through with his runs as if there were no one coming up against him, while his shot is a very powerful low drive.

The second man signed by the Anfield club is Willie Chalmers – a misonary name – who is only 19 years of age, and was so highly thought of by Aberdeen that they offered him terms only to find he preferred to go to the Liverpool club, to whom came the magic word: “This is the best boy outside left I have ever seen,” the testimony of an ex-player, who should know what Liverpool want. The new boy is 5 feet 10 inches in height, and 11½ stone in weight, and is very fast – on the run.

The Anfield spectators will be glad to learn of these signings for they had become rather fearful lest the reserve team should be as awkward a squad as last season. This is plain statement, but a very necessary reminder of what has been and what one hopes will not be – in the future.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: August 8, 1923)

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