William Cockburn to replace Walter Wadsworth

June 7, 1924
The other day I was told that there had never been such a quiet close season so far as transfers of players and new signings were concerned. In front of me I have over 300 such transfer or new signings for the past three weeks. Many of them do not amount to much; the great majority are youngsters who showed some sort of talent last season, but none the less the aggregate number proves that the clubs are extremely busy, just as much so as in previous years.

There are certain to be plums in this little lot, and I would congratulate Liverpool on having plucked the choicest, ripest plum of the May signings. I refer to the transfer from Stockport County of William Cockburn, a centre half who stood out in Second Division football last season. He was in the first four in that Division with Wilson (Wednesday), Bradshaw (Bury), and Thoms (Derby County). Only 23 years of age, he has had three seasons with the Hatters since leaving Rose Hill Villa, a Northern Amateur League club, in 1921.

His record speaks for itself; in his first term he had two games; next season he played 31 matches, and last season he was a host in himself on 40 occasions. Yet he has never scored a goal in League football. This is rather surprising for a centre half who is as aggressive as Cockburn undoubtedly is. He is neat in his footwork, strong in his tackling, and shrewd in the way he sweeps a ball out to his wing forwards or thrusts through those delightful, low passes to his inside men.

Walter Wadsworth may not be finished yet at Anfield, but he will have to get a move on to keep out this tall, manly sportsman, whose genius cannot be hidden for long. But as Cockburn is only 23 years old it must be admitted that he will have little cause to worry should the Liverpool directors maintain their faith in Wadsworth. His day will come.
(Derby Daily Telegraph: June 7, 1924)

William Cockburn, picture from LFChistory.net
William Cockburn

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