Football League meeting (July 4, 1924)

July 4, 1924
Mr. John McKenna presided at a meeting of the Football League Management Committee at Scarborough on Friday evening, when there was so much business to be transacted that it was not concluded until after midnight.

The following players were granted free transfers:
A. Allen (Manchester City), Charles Pearson (Liverpool), A.S. Nunn, A. Roseboom and G. Taylor (Clapton Orient), and W.C. Cotton (Wrexham).

The following registrations were cancelled by the clubs:
Football League meetingH. Milner (Chesterfield) and B. Wilson (Nelson).

Reductions of transfer fees of the following players were made by the clubs:
J. Mills to £100 and H. Jones to £300 by Nottingham Forest; J. Common to £500 by Hartlepools United.

The following players were removed from the retained to the transfer list by the clubs;
J.R. Nicholson (Clapton Orient), £500; C. Hunted (Brentford), £350; R. Merritt (Durham City), £150; J.M. Chesser (Hartlepools United), £100.

With regard to amateur players, the registrations of S.H. Fawcett (Middlesbrough), S.G.J. Earle (Arsenal), and J. Doran (Derby County) were cancelled by the clubs.

The Committee cancelled the registration of Jim Gascoigne (Durham City), but the application of Walter Pollard (Burnley) for the cancellation of his registration was refused.

Applications from players were dealt with as follows:
Wally Clark (Birmingham), £600, no reduction; James Lindsay (Burnley), £450, no reduction; Peter Bennie (Burnley, retained list), no reduction; John Greenhalgh (Burnley), to £200; William Emerson (Burnley), to £250; Jack Aitken (Bury), free transfer; Alf Quantrill (Preston North End), £1,000; Jimmy McCourt (Sheffield United), £1,000, no reduction; G. Richardson (Sheffield United), to £250; J. Milton (Sunderland), to £100; J. Bowser (West Bromwich Albion), £1,000, no reduction; A. Gillatt (Clapton Orient), to £100 by the club; E. Winschip (Coventry City), £500, no reduction; J. Alderson (Crystal Palace, retained list), no action; D. Ellis (Manchester United), £1,000, no reduction; W. Butler (Middlesbrough), £500, no reduction; G.W. Purcell (Stockport County), £100, no reduction; D. Howe (Stoke), to £100; W.C. Marton (Wolverhampton Wanderers), to £250; W. Nesbitt (Bristol City), to £600; L. Murphy (Bristol Rovers), free transfer; J. Dockray (Exeter City), £750, no reduction; M. Hopper (Millwall), £200, no reduction; J. Bell (Newport County), free transfer; G. Toone (Watford, retained list), no action; Fred Pagnam (Watford), £500, no reduction; F. Sharp (Chesterfield), to £100 by the club; W. Greatorex (Chesterfield), free transfer; F. Robson (Durham City, retained list), no action; R. Merriott (Durham City), £150, no action; J.W. Robson (Durham City), free transfer in accordance with agreement; P. Oldacre, £150 and H.A. Brown, £350 (Halifax Town), no action; R. Grimshaw (Nelson), free transfer; J.W. Glover (Wigan Borough), £500, by the club; W. Casson (Grimsby Town), £50, no reduction; Jack Lyon (New Brighton), £200, no reduction; F. Robinson (Bournemouth and Boscombe), £200, no reduction; H.B. Rose (Bristol Rovers), free transfer; J.W. Wilson (Bradford City), free transfer.

The Committee sanctioned benefits for players as follows:
Billy Flint (Notts County), Sam Tonner (Clapton Orient), Willie Walker (South Shields), Jimmy Collins, J. Deacon, and Billy Hole (Swansea Town), Hugh Dickson (Darlington), and John Richardson (Accrington Stanley) in December next.

Accrued share of benefit was sanctioned for:
Freddy Hinton (Bolton Wanderers), Robert Roxburgh (Newcastle United), Archie Longmuir (Oldham Athletic), William Cockburn (Stockport County), Archie Kean (Lincoln City), Bill  Prouse (Rochdale), Tony Carr (Newport County), Willie Davies (Swansea Town), and Tommy Mitchell (Hartlepools United).
(Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer: July 7, 1924)

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