Season preview 1924-25: Liverpool F.C. (Athletic News)

August 25, 1924
Judging from what has been seen in the practice game, Liverpool appear to have good grounds for expecting a successful season. There is a strong belief that but for the unfortunate happenings last winter, when half-back positions had to be filled by forwards, owing to limited reserve forces, the club would have annexed the championship for the third year in succession.

The most prominent additions to the playing strength are William Cockburn and William Findlay – half-backs of a type likely to fit in with the style of play favoured by the Anfield club. Cockburn, who was with Stockport County last season, hails from the same district as Chambers, and had early experience in North-Eastern League football, while Findlay arrived from Third Lanark just over a week ago.

Two new forwards have been signed in Arthur Roy Smith, who was the top-scorer for Benwell Mission in the Gateshead and District League last season, and Ernie Brown, who for the past two seasons played in the inside right position for Aberdare.

The club has also signed three amateur goalkeepers, these being John Jones, the Welsh amateur international, of Holyhead Town, whose work in the practice game reached quite a high standard; H. Ashcroft, last season with Sunnyside Rangers, in the Gateshead and District League; and James Trill, a local youth who accomplished good work with the Earle club. The last line of defence promise to be as sound as formerly, and another local full-back in T. Davies, has been recruited from the “A” team.

Eleven of last season’s reserves were not retained. Charles Pearson has gone to Derby County, but Algy Wilkinson is not yet settled. Harold Wadsworth has joined John Bamber with Leicester City; Griff Owen and Ronald Mitchell have gone to Hull City; Charles Harrison Davis to Gillingham, George Harold Beadles to Cardiff City and William Lacey to New Brighton.

Donald Mackinlay will again captain the League side, which with the possible exception of Chambers, who is making good progress after cartilage trouble, will show few changes in the opening game.

Elisha Scott;
5ft. 9in. and 11st. 12lb.

John Jones;
5ft. 10in. and 11st.

H. Ashcroft;
5ft. 10¾in. and 11st. 8lb.

James Trill;
5ft. 9in. and 11st.

Tommy Lucas;
Right full-back;
St. Helens;
5ft. 8½in. and 11st. 10lb.

Ephraim Longworth;
Right full-back;
5ft. 8 ½ in. and 11st. 10lb.

Jimmy Garner;
Right full-back;
5ft. 8½in. and 11st.

T. Davies;
Full back;
5ft. 10 ½ in. and 11st. 2lb.

Donald Mackinlay;
Left full-back;
5ft. 8½in. and 11st. 4lb.

Ted Parry;
Left full-back;
Colwyn Bay;
5ft. 8in. and 11st. 6lb.

John McNab;
Right half-back;
6ft. 1in. and 11st. 7lb.

Billy McDevitt;
Right half-back;
5ft. 10in. and 11st. 4lb.

William Findlay;
Right half-back;
5ft. 8in. and 11st. 8lb.

Walter Wadsworth;
Centre half-back;
5ft. 10½in. and 11st.

William Cockburn;
Centre half-back;
Wellington Quay;
6ft. 0½in. and 12st. 4lb.;

David Pratt;
Centre half-back;
5ft. 10in. and 12st.

Bill Rogers;
Centre half-back;
5ft. 11½in. and 12st. 5lb;

A. Kelly;
Centre half-back;
6ft. 0in. and 11st. 10lb.

Tom Bromilow;
Left half-back;
5ft. 9½in. and 11st. 4lb.

Archie Rawlings;
Outside right;
5ft. 11½in. and 12st. 2lb.

Cyril Gilhespy;
Outside right;
Fence Houses;
5ft. 8½in. and 10st. 7lb.

Thomas Malone;
Outside right;
5ft. 7½in. and 10st. 7lb.

Dick Forshaw;
Inside right;
5ft. 8½in. and 11st.

Jimmy Walsh;
Inside right;
5ft. 8½in. and 10st. 12lb.

Ernie Brown;
Inside right;
5ft. 7in. and 11st.

Alfred Roy Smith;
Inside right;
South Benwell;
5ft. 11½in. and 10st. 7lb.

Dick Johnson,
Centre forward;
5ft. 6½in. and 10st. 5lb.

Danny Shone;
Centre forward;
5ft. 6½in. and 10st. 10lb.

Harry Chambers;
Inside left;
Wellington Quay;
5ft. 9½in.and 12st. 6lb.

Joe Keetley;
Inside left;
5ft. 9½in. and 11st.

Fred Hopkin;
Outside left;
5ft. 7in. and 11st. 2lb.

Hector Lawson;
Outside left;
5ft. 8in. and 11st.

Willie Chalmers;
Outside left;
5ft. 10in. and 11st. 7lb.
(Source: Athletic News: August 25, 1924)

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