Enter Dick Johnson

September 3, 1924
Liverpool F.C. have wisely refused to “go off at the deep end.” They have had to bring in Dick Johnson to centre forward, but other than that they have made no alteration for the game at the Arsenal ground.

Arsenal are a livelier team than for some time, and this may give further evidence of what Liverpool want. However, for the moment, the Reds have a further chance to show their true colours, and it will be just like them to come back with victory, just when victory is most wanted and when it looks a point against them.

The team reads:
Elisha Scott, Tommy Lucas, Donald Mackinlay, John McNab, Walter Wadsworth, Tom Bromilow, Archie Rawlings, Dick Forshaw, Dick Johnson, Danny Shone, Fred Hopkin.

Everyone welcomes the return of Johnson, and his case provides one of those oddities that has oft-been associated with Liverpool F.C. He was not signed last back-end, and yet in the midst of the later months of this alleged summer Johnson was signed on for centre.

He is very fit, as was shown in trial games, and now he has leaped to his old spot in a manner that seemed impossible two months ago.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: September 3, 1924)

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