The first ever short corner?

November 17, 1924
Mr. John McKenna, President of the Football League, said in an interview at Liverpool on Monday that both Sam Chedgzoy and Jock Rutherford were within their rights when they dribbled the ball from the corner at Goodison Park on Saturday instead of taking the kick in the old way.

My opinion is, “ he added, “that the authorities will amend the corner kick rule at the first opportunity. Certainly, something will have to be done, because even the referees themselves seem uncertain on the point. Either it is an infringement of the rule to take the corner kick in this way, or it is not; and the point must be definitely settled.

It is true that the opposition can counter to some extent by bringing man out to mark the player taking the corner kick. That was dine in the Everton v. Arsenal match on Saturday, and then the kick was taken in the ordinary way, but even when this was done there was nothing to prevent the player dribbling if he liked.

I think that on Saturday the man who marked was standing too far off. The point is that advantage is being taken of a looseness in the rule which was never contemplated by those who framed it.

Mr. Matt McQueen, manager of the Liverpool club, said he considered that the rule should and would be altered. Mr. Tom McIntosh, secretary of the Everton club, endorsed this view. In his opinion, to allow a corner kick taken in the new way was not for the good of the game.

Mr. Jack Howcroft, of Bolton, the well-known referee, said on Monday that, having considered the point carefully, he would award a free kick for dribbling from a corner, adding: “There is a mistake in the rules, and I do not think it would be in the interest of the game to let a corner kick be dribbled. A corner is awarded is awarded for a specific cause, and I do not think a man should be allowed the advantage of dribbling up to goal.

“The Daily Chronicle” states on good authority that the Football Association Council, at its next meeting, will give instructions to all referees to penalise any player who kicks the ball twice when taking a corner. This will be unless, of course, a second player has played the ball. This will put an end to the new move of dribbling from a corner, pending an alteration of the rule by the International Board.
(Source: Hull Daily Mail: November 18, 1924)

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  1. Yes this corner was a bet with the Everton player Chedgzoy and the Liverpool Echo journalist Ernest Edwards , he went under the name Bee.

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