Liverpool v Leeds United 3-0 (FA Cup: January 10, 1925)

January 10, 1925
Match: FA Cup, First Round, at Anfield, kick-off: 14:30.
Liverpool – Leeds United 3-0 (1-0).
Attendance: 39,000; gate receipts: £2,400.
Referee: Mr E. Pinkston (Birmingham).
Liverpool (2-3-5): Elisha Scott, Tommy Lucas, Ephraim Longworth, Tom Bromilow, Walter Wadsworth, David Pratt, Archie Rawlings, Danny Shone, Dick Forshaw, Harry Chambers, Fred Hopkin.
Leeds United (2-3-5): Billy Down, Bill Menzies, George Speak, Harry Sherwin, Ernie Hart, Len Smith, Cud Robson, Jack Armand, Percy Whipp, Jack Swann, Jack Harris.
The goals: 1-0 Shone (32 min.), 2-0 Shone (48 min.), 3-0 Hopkin (82 min.).

Leeds United beaten at Anfield.
Fine goalkeeping by Down.
By a score of three goals to nil Leeds United were made to bid good-bye at Liverpool to cup football for another year. There was n mistaking the accuracy of the verdict, even though fortune was on the side of the winners on the scoring of two of the goals.

A mist hung over the spacious Anfield ground, and at times it could not have been easy for the spectators, who mustered nearly 40,000 strong, to follow closely the play. The United, who came on from Blackpool in the forenoon, had Down in goal in place of Moore, and Speak in the back division vice Duffield. Moore had developed a cold, and Duffield was feeling the effects of a strain of the thigh. In Duffield’s absence Menzies crossed to the right bac position, and Speak officiated on the left. The only change in the Liverpool eleven was the inclusion of Bromilow at right half for John McNab.

The play in the first half hour did not foreshadow an easy victory for Liverpool; rather the contrary, in fact. The greater part of the attacking was done by Leeds, whose half-back line in this period was specially effective, while the tackling and kicking of the full back proved courageous and sure. Armand and Robson were well played up on the right wing, and most of the Leeds attacks came from them.

Armand tested Scott with two brilliant drives, and Whipp had one good individualistic effort. There were long shots by Swan, Harris, Hart, and Sherwin, but none of them gave the Liverpool goalkeeper the least trouble, even when well directed. It was following the two fine shots by Armand just mentioned that Liverpool got their first goal.

Sherwin had not succeeded in clearing a kick from the home back division, and in consequence the Liverpool forwards bunched together for a swift and strong attack. Near goal Hopkin sent the ball to shone, who headed it, and it appeared to be going straight into the net, when Menzies jumped and tried to head out, but the result was that the Leeds defender only made its destination sure.

Prior to this incident, Liverpool had only been dangerous on three or four occasions, and on one of these Forshaw was allowed to run through when offside, but Down cleverly blocked his shot. Two other fine “saves” by Down after the downfall of his goal kept the home lead at half-time to a goal to nil.

The issue of the match was placed practically beyond doubts two or three minutes after the change of ends. A pass out to Rawlings gave the Liverpool outside right an opening for a fast run, in the course of which he had no difficulty in eluding Smith and Speak before passing to Shone. The last-named took the pass on the instant, and with a very hard drive, scored his second goal. It was a fine shot, but there was an element of luck about its success, seeing that the ball struck the foot of the far post, and was thus turned inside.

Leeds were a beaten side for the rest of the match. They defended doggedly, but were outpaced and outmatches. The one fine point in their play was the great goalkeeping of Down. On three or four occasions, Forshaw, the home centre forward, endeavoured to master him with hard close shots at the end of individualistic runs, but he was baffled each time. Eight minutes from the finish Hopkin scored what was stated to be his first goal of the season for Liverpool, and the end came with the score – Liverpool, 3 goals; Leeds United, nil.
(Yorkshire Evening Post, 12-01-1925)

Danny Shone, Liverpool F.C.
Danny Shone Liverpool F.C.

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