Fred Baron with 80 goals for Mid-Rhondda last season

February 14, 1925
Fred Baron, the Liverpool recruit, ought to make a big name if his South Wales form is a real criterion of the improvement he has wrought in himself since he left the Leicester City camp two seasons ago. Baron was a junior with the Prudhoe Castle when manager Peter Hodge discovered him in August, 1922, when he was a boy of 19.

He had no chance in City’s first eleven that season and being ambitious he refused terms two summers ago and took himself off to Mid-Rhondda, where, in Welsh and Southern League games he scored 80 goals last season and has been piling them up again this term.

He has grown into a big stoutly built lad, and can shoot with deadly force when on the run. He may not be up to the Liverpool standard yet, but I can see the day when Leicester will bemoan the moment they let him go.
(Source: Derby Daily Telegraph: February 14, 1925)

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