Dick Forshaw pulls out of Aussie tour

March 12, 1925
Dick Forshaw, of Liverpool, has written to the Football Association to say that he cannot make the journey to Australia with the touring team. He has just entered business and could not be away so long.
(Source: Hull Daily Mail: March 12, 1925)


  1. This is interesting, since Jimmy Walsh did go on the 1925 Australia tour. One wonders if Walsh was second choice after Forshaw.

    1. Cheers, Kjell. It’s just that Forshaw and Walsh were both strikers. It seems to me unlikely that the team selectors would have taken two such players from Liverpool.

      These “FA XI” tours were not full internationals and players weren’t capped for participating. LFC players to be included on the early tours were Arthur Berry, as an Evertonian, in the 1910 South Africa tour; Eph Longworth and John Bamber in the 1920 South Africa tour; and Walsh in the 1925 Australia tour. Future trainer Albert Shelley, a player for Southampton at the time, was chosen for the 1929 South Africa/Rhodesia tour.

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