The death of Alec Dick

June 3, 1925
Alec Dick is dead. This news will set the old-time football follower talking for hours. Alec Dick was a really great back, whose style of play was not always of the gentlest. He was only a wee follow, but in very truth was a terror for his side, and many an opponent had stories to till about his mannerisms.

Alec Dick. The name rings off every follower’s tongue. He was the hero of the story of Caesar Jenkyns as a whopping fellow, who was then with Small Heath. He was told to “mark Dick.”

He had not seen him before, and when he was told which was his man Caesar bumped him and bored him to the point of exasperation at that the un-offending man asked “What’s this about”
“Well” said Caesar, ” you’re “Dirty Dick” ant’ you?”
“Not likely that’s him over there.”
He and Dennis Hodgetts used to have many a tilt, but Alec always had a good friend alongside him in George Dobson, who retired but a year ago from business life.

He was always a local – he played for Stanley before joining Everton in the early eighties, and his fame spread all over the land. In a game with Queen’s Park he got across Dr Smith, and it was said that he was dared to go to Scotland of the Midlands, and he would then see what the “home folk” would do to him, but he was conventionally out of the team for these occasions.

There must have been a spirit of devilry in Dick, for he was without a shadow of denial a great little full back. He had a long and painful illness and his death yesterday was in the nature of a merciful release.

The funeral takes place at Anfield Cemetery tomorrow at 11-30.
(Liverpool Echo: June 4, 1925)

Note: Alec Dick was the first ever Liverpool F.C. trainer.

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