Liverpool unable to meet the champions

November 7, 1925
Having dropped three points in their last two matches, Huddersfield Town were hoping to return to winning form on the occasion of the visit of Liverpool to Leeds Road, and thus improve on last season’s goalless draw.

When I arrived on the ground (writes Harricus) at two o’clock the gates were not opened, for the referee had no then decided whether there was to be a match or not. Mr. Pinckston (Birmingham) was awaiting the arrival of the officials of the Liverpool club before giving his final decision, and on their examination of the playing pitch he immediately decided on no match. Time, 2.15.

Mr. Pinckston had apparently already made up his mind, but out of courtesy to the visiting officials he merely postponed his decision. At least, that was what I understood from him when I saw him. I also interviewed the chairman of each club, and they did not disagree with the official verdict. It was still raining when the Liverpool team left Huddersfield. After the postponement the directors of the clubs fixed on November 25 provisionally for the date on which the match will be played.

As to whether the match should have been played or not, my opinion is that I have seen League matches played on worse pitches, but probably had a start been made the game would not have been concluded.
(The Athletic News: November 9, 1925)

League table, First Division, as of November 7, 1925.

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