The death of Mr. Edwin Berry

November 18, 1925
Mr. Edwin Berry, of Messrs. Edwin Berry and Co., solicitors, Moorfields, died this afternoon at his home, Grange Cottage, Gateacre.

Mr. Edwin Berry was at his office a week ago. He was attacked by congestion of the lungs, and was reported to be going on favourably, but this afternoon he passed away in his sleep.

Mr. Berry, as solicitor to the brewing and brewery trade in Liverpool, was one of the very familiar figures at the police courts. He was a counsel whose ability and fair-mindedness were ardent qualities.

Arguing his cases before the licensing bench or before the magistrate in prosecutions, he never ruffled any tempers either on the bench or at the solicitors’ table.

This did not mean that he understated his case. But his fair-minded outlook was generally acknowledged. He did a great deal of work for the “trade” during the big temperance campaign of about thirty years ago.

Mr. Berry, along with Mr. John Asbury, the present Liverpool F.C. director, formed Everton’s right wing many years ago, quite in the Everton club’s young days.

He was also for a time chairman of the Liverpool club, at the time when it was taken over by the present company.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: November 18, 1925)

Liverpool Echo: November 19, 1925.


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