A Liverpool recall for Mr. Albert Edward Berry

February 1, 1926
The directors of the Liverpool Club at their meeting last Tuesday co-opted Mr. Albert Edward Berry to fill the vacancy created last summer by the death of Mr. W. Wood. Mr. Berry’s interest in the game is of long standing. At the time of the great schism in 1892, which resulted in Everton migrating to Goodison Park, he was a notable personality in Liverpool football.

He was a playing member of the Everton club up to the “split,” and at the parting of the ways clung to the remnant who formed the present Liverpool club, becoming a director and acting as solicitor until the first Board was duly installed at Anfield-road.

It is interesting to note that Mr. Berry and Mr. John McKenna, president of the League, and a former chairman of the club, are the only living signatories to the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Liverpool organisation.

Since his playing days, which were cut short by injury, Mr. Berry’s interest in the club has never waned. He has rarely missed a home match, and when his business has allowed he has, like his brother, the late Mr. Edwin Berry, for many years chairman of the club, accompanied the team in away matches.

Mr. Berry in his new sphere should prove a valuable acquisition to the Board by reason of his astute knowledge of the game and players.
(Source: Athletic News: February 1, 1926)


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