Albion overcome by the dash of Liverpool

March 29, 1926
The spell of adversity which fate has cast on West Bromwich Albion has not yet been lifted. Liverpool came to the Hawthorns and completely dominated the game.

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Perhaps it was the experience and sagacity of the Liverpool men, nine of whom figured in their championship side of two or three years ago, against their youthful opponents, for they persisted in impetuous methods and won by three goals to none.

It is not unfair to Liverpool to say that all three goals had an element of good fortune about them.

The first came through Hodgson. Carter missed his kick with the result that an easy header trickled over the line.

Ashmore tried to store Finch’s ill-judgment in not advancing to meet Oxley, and left his goal unprotected. The ball came into the middle and Forshaw simply glided it into the net.

Ashmore’s fine work.
Late in the game Forshaw appeared to handle the ball in a scrimmage, but play proceeded, and a ball which actually entered the net was handled by Baugh. The official eye saw this, and Forshaw converted the penalty.

There were other occasions upon which Liverpool mastered Albion, expect that Ashmore retrieved apparently hopeless situations.

There were occasions upon which Albion had sadly disturbed the equanimity of Liverpool’s well-tried defence, and Elisha Scott served his club with equal skill. Once he seemed to step into his own goal with the ball, but the referee rules in his favour.

The game was contested, for the most part, at a good pace, with powerful volleying a great feature of Liverpool’s play, and a tendency to hang to the ball a tactical error in the home side.

Took their chances.
Free from League worries, Liverpool played complacently, and took their chances eagerly. Albion, on the fringe of the relegation area, struggled valiantly but disappointedly to secure relief.

Magee and Ashmore once again carried off the defensive honours, whilst James and Byers were the best of the forwards. Darnell and Finch, two youngsters anxious to make a name, strove hard, but lacked experience.

Liverpool were splendidly served by Lucas and Mackinlay, whose lusty kicks were in striking contrast to the work of the home pair. The forwards were a happy blend of experience and enterprise, and the old triangular play of the left wing was nicely cultivated, thanks to the genius of Bromilow.

West Bromwich Albion: George Ashmore, Bob Finch, Dickie Baugh, Tommy Magee, Fred Reed, Edward Rooke, Tommy Glidden, Jock Carter, George James, Len Darnell, Jack Byers.
Liverpool: Elisha Scott, Tommy Lucas, Donald Mackinlay, John McNab, Walter Wadsworth, Tom Bromilow, Cyril Oxley, Gordon Hodgson, Dick Forshaw, Harry Chambers, Fred Hopkin.
Referee: Mr. J.V. Pennington, Bury.
(Athletic News: March 29, 1926)


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