Fred Pagnam to manage Watford

Saturday, May 29 – 1926
There is a managerial appointment which should interest many people, that of Fred Pagnam, a one-time famous goal-getter of Blackpool, Huddersfield Town, Liverpool, Arsenal, Cardiff City, and Watford fame. Fred had a job get into football, now he is finding it difficult to retire! His father was a bank manager, and all against his son taking to football for a living. Thus it came about that Fred had literally to run away from home to make a start in the game.

Eighteen months ago he became mine host of a licensed house at Watford, and threatened to retire from football altogether. Yet last season Watford were in trouble and Fred was again asked to go and lead the attack; he did so. Now the club are being reorganised, and it is Fred – genial soul that he is – who is asked to build up a promotion winning side. He has started on the job already, for he has been to Manchester for John Warner, and inside right who used to be with Burnley, and for Daniels, a young outside left with a rare future. City are a lucky club to be able to part with these two players with confidence, and Fred Pagnam is lucky to start in as a manager with two such captures. Here’s wishing him all the luck in the world.
(Derby Daily Telegraph, 29-05-1926)

Fred Pagnam

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