Scottish footballer shot dead

June 6, 1926
Victim of American bandits
Andrew Stenhouse, a Scottish footballer, who formerly played for King’s Park F.C., has been shot dead by bandits in the United States. The shooting took place at Marshalltown, Iowa.

Stenhouse, a plumber, who was 36 years of age and married, was motoring home with a friend when two men in another car stopped them and ordered them to come out and hold up their hands.

Stenhouse’s friend did so, but Stenhouse was not quick enough and one of the bandits immediately shot him.

While he was lying on the ground mortally wounded he was robbed of all his money. His friend was also robbed, but was not maltreated.

The robbers then drove on, and Stenhouse was taken to hospital, where he died.

The deceased was a forward in the ranks of King’s Park F.C. before leaving Stirling and he served in the Great War.
(Sunday Post: June 6, 1926)


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