Bowling: Preston North End F.C. v Liverpool F.C.

July 13, 1926
Teams representing the North End and Liverpool Football Clubs played an enjoyable game of bowls on the Fulwood Club’s green yesterday. Scores: –

(Lancashire Evening Post: July 14, 1926)

E. Herling, Sir Merrick Hollins, G. Ramsbottom, J.I. Taylor, H. Williams, W. Onda, W. Sharples, E. Bradshaw, W. Birtwistle, T. Pearson, H. Parker, J. Swarbrick, W. Pomfret, J.C.H. Hollins, W. Lucas, R.H. Taylor, Thomas Crompton, William Robert Williams, Edward Askew Bainbridge, Walter Henry Cartwright, James Troop, William Harvey Webb, Albert Edward Berry, William John Harrop, J. Porter, J. Youdale, B. Bramwell, W. Trelfall, J. Standing, George Patterson, Tom Charnley, J.L. Turner.

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