Season preview 1926-27: Liverpool F.C. (Athletic News)

August 23, 1926
Optimism is the note at Anfield, and this appears to arise mainly from the knowledge that there is not likely to be any decline from the high standard of defence. All are long-service men, but, should occasion require, each position is ably duplicated, though Longworth, who is far from well, is not likely to be in readiness for some time.

The officials have not thought it expedient to obtain any new players during the close season. They strengthened their resources last campaign, when, in addition to Done, from Runcorn, wo gave a good display in the practice games at full-back, notable acquisitions were made in Edmed, from Gillingham, and T. Reid, the capable centre-forward from Clydebank, who led the forwards in the last game of the season and scored against Sheffield United.

In this match Oxley had the misfortune to displace a cartilage. It was removed six weeks ago, and as the player will not be available for at least a couple of months Edmed will have an opportunity of displaying his ability.

Of the players no longer with the club, Walter Wadsworth has gone to Bristol City; Jimmy Garner and Alf Smith to Southport, and Ted Parry and Archie Rawlings to Walsall.

Further alterations are being made on the ground, which, when completed two years hence, will rank with the finest in the country. Spion Kop is receiving most attention. The ends of the two main stands are to be linked up with the Kop, which is being set back and will eventually be covered, providing increased accommodation for 7,000 spectators, and giving the ground a holding capacity of close upon 65,000.

Elisha Scott
5ft. 9¼in. and 10st. 10lb.

Arthur Riley
South Africa;
6ft. 1½in. and 13st. 7lb.

James Trill
5ft. 8½in. and 11st. 4lb.

Ephraim Longworth
Right full-back;
5ft. 8½in. and 11st. 2lb.

Tommy Lucas
St. Helens;
Right full-back;
5ft. 6½in. and 11st. 9lb.

George Edward Childs
6ft. 1½in. and 11st. 8lb.

Robert Done
5ft. 9in. and 11st. 3lb.

Donald Mackinlay
Left full-back;
5ft. 8¾in. and 11st. 8lb.

John McNab
Right half-back;
6ft. 1½in. and 11st. 11lb.

Albert Shears
Right half-back;
5ft. 8½in. and 11st. 6lb.

Patrick McDade
Right half-back;
5ft. 9½in. and 10st. 7lb.

William Cockburn
Willington Quay;
Centre half-back;
6ft. 0½in. and 12st.

James Jackson
Centre half-back;
5ft. 10¾in. and 11st. 10lb.

Tom Bromilow
Left half-back;
5ft. 9in. and 10st. 7lb.

David Pratt
Left half-back;
5ft. 10¾in. and 11st. 10lb.

Cyril Oxley
Outside right;
5ft. 7¾in. and 11st.

Dick Edmed
Outside right;
5ft. 9½in. and 11st.

Frank Charters
Outside right;
5ft. 6in. and 10st. 8lb.

Gordon Hodgson
South Africa;
Inside right;
6ft. and 12st. 7lb.

Tom Scott
Inside right;
5ft. 9¾in. and 12st. 4lb.

Danny Shone
Inside right;
5ft. 6½in. and 11st. 8lb.

Jimmy Walsh
Inside right;
5ft. 9in. and 11st. 6lb.

Dick Forshaw
Centre forward;
5ft. 10¼in. and 11st. 8lb.

Tommy Reid
Centre forward;
5ft. 9½in. and 11st. 3lb.

Fred Baron
Centre forward;
5ft. 7½in. and 11st.

Harry Chambers
Willington Quay;
Inside left;
5ft. 9in. and 12st. 13lb.

William Sheppard
Inside left;
5ft. 8½in. and 11st.

Fred Hopkin
Outside left;
5ft. 7¾in. and 12st. 5lb.

David McMullan
Outside left;
5ft. 7¾in. and 11st.

Robert Bauchop Clark
Outside left;
5ft. 7in. and 10st. 7lb.
(Source: Athletic News: August 23, 1926)

Liverpool F.C. 1926-27.

Back row (left to right): Cyril Oxley, Ephraim Longworth, James Jackson, Tom Bromilow, Fred Baron;
Third row standing (left to right): Robert Bachop Clark, George Childs, David McMullan, James Trill, Tommy Reid, Danny Shone, William Sheppard.
Second row standing (left to right): George Patterson (Secretary), William Connell (Trainer), David Pratt, Tom Scott, Patrick McDade, Arthur Riley, Elisha Scott, William Cockburn, Dick Edmed, Dick Forshaw, Matt McQueen (Manager).
Front row (left to right): Robert Done, Jimmy Gray, Gordon Hodgson, John McNab, Tommy Lucas, Donald MacKinlay, Harry Chambers, Jimmy Walsh, Albert Shears, Fred Hopkin.


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  1. There seems to be a mistake in the lists. Frank Charters is not in the caption but he is on the photo and listed as a squad member. Can you correct it, if possible, please.

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