Presentation of Liverpool in Derby a paper

September 3, 1926
Character studies of the Liverpool Players.

Elisha Scott. – Goal.
This international Irishman is considered by many people to be the greatest goalkeeper in the game to-day, despite the fact that he has been playing since 1913. He isn’t big, but he’s lithe, active, and a brilliant exponent of positional play in goal. Has superb anticipation and judgment, and is as cool as a cucumber. You never see him worry about a ball which goes six inches the wrong side of the posts – his judgment won’t let him.

Tommy Lucas. – Right Back.
Another International, but an Englishman, who graduated with several junior clubs in the Manchester and St. Helens district, and might have been a Manchester United player had they come to a full realisation of his powers when he assisted them in wartime matches. Not a big fellow, but sturdily built, string in tackling, and kicks with a fine discrimination as to length and distance.

Donald Mackinlay. – Left Back.
Completes an all-international defence, for this Scot, who started with Liverpool as long ago as 1910, and whose hair is now tinged with iron-grey, won caps in 1922, and played his 300th League game for his club on the opening day of the present season. He hasn’t the speed nowadays, but his position taking is superb and his kicking clean. Often dribbles up the field to have a long shot at goal, and is dangerous in this mood.

John McNab. – Right Half.
Elder brother of the Fulham centre half, but is far more endowed with football talent, and is the fourth player in this side to have achieved International distinction. He’s a giant of a Scot from Clelland, and a product of the Bellshill Athletic Club. Has twice suffered suspensions for offences on the field, but his robustness is sometimes a mistaken idea – he’s so big and strong that he can’t help opponents tumbling down when they barge into him.

William Cockburn. – Centre Half.
Produced by Wallsend and picked up in 1921 by Stockport County, he has risen to be one of the best pivots in the game, though International honours have not yet come his way. Cost £2,000 two years ago, and has been worth every penny of it. He’s a tall man, now in his prime, great in breaking up, and wonderfully accurate with his long swinging passes to the wings.

Tom Bromilow. – Left Half.
Yet another International, but just a dapper little fellow who has to rely purely upon craft and cunning for his success. Is purely Liverpool bred and born, and leared the game with such junior clubs as Union Presbyterians and West Dingle. His footwork in tackles is remarkable for the accurate timing he shows, while he is one of those halves who must feed his forwards after he has come out of a struggle with the opposition.

Dick Edmed. – Outside Right.
A product of the Rochester Sports and Chatham Central clubs, he was employed in the Chatham Dockyards and continued his work there when playing for Gillingham. Went to Liverpool last January, and got his place this season. Only 21 years of age, rather short, and light in weight, but a lad with a rare turn of speed and plenty of confidence.

Gordon Hodgson. – Inside Right.
A six-foot native of South Africa, who toured this country in 1924-25, and along with Riley, the goalkeeper, returned to England to start a professional career. His advance has been remarkable rapid, but it has been by sheer merit and he is now said to be a second Charlie Buchan. Shines in combination and in shooting when going at top speed – and he can travel.

Dick Forshaw. – Centre Forward.
One of the most versatile players in the game is this Widnes-born man, who graduated with Gateshead St. Vincent and just missed by Middlesbrough after the war. Was then an inside right, but he can play anywhere in attack of at half. Cool, calm, and methodical, he never appears to be all out, but in front of goal is deadly accurate. Relies on position work and real ball craft for his success.

Harry Chambers. – Inside Left.
Here we get back to another International – a player who a few years ago had no peer in this position, and who to-day is rather slow, but a genius for directing play. Never hurries and never worries about playing the man, but has a ball control second to none. Is not tall, but is broad and carries over 13 stone into every game he plays.

Fred Hopkin. – Outside Left.
A Darlington born man who used to be with Manchester United, he has turned out to be one of the best investments Liverpool have ever made. His head is now losing its hair, and he may not be as fast as he was, but he can still pull out a rare turn of speed, while as a dribbler he can be elusive. Clings to the touch-line, drops perfect centres, and rarely scores a goal.
(Source: Derby Daily Telegraph: September 3, 1926)

Dick Edmed, Liverpool F.C.


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