George Pither transferred to Liverpool

November 24, 1926
The Merthyr Town F.C. have transferred George Pither, their outside left, to Liverpool. Pither, who joined Merthyr at the beginning of the season from Torquay United, was previously with Millwall.
(Nottingham Evening Post: November 25, 1926)


Liverpool’s new forward
After scouring the country for several weeks in their quest for talent, Liverpool have signed George Pither, the outside left of Methyr Town. Pither, a native of Hounslow, commenced his football career with Isleworth Town in the S.W. Middlesex League. His next club was Brentford, for whom he played a season as an amateur and then signed professional forms.

Coming under the notice of Millwall he played for this club in the season 1922-3-4, and took part in 19 Third Division games. Bristol Rovers was his next move, and after a season with them he went to Torquay United. The present campaign found him in the ranks of Merthyr Town, for whom he had scored seven goals from outside left – a feat that arrested the attention of the Anfield management.

Pither is the third player Liverpool have recently recruited from Third Division football.
(Athletic News: November 29, 1926)


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