Dick Forshaw transferred to for Everton

March 2, 1927
Dick Forshaw the Liverpool forward has been signed by Everton (£2,000), the deal was completed last night and will come as a great surprise to the followers of both clubs fans, it is a big move on the part of the Everton to strengthen their attack, and Forshaw will play against Newcastle at inside-right on Saturday. This being the only change from the side which won yesterday against Sheffield Wednesday.

Forshaw has been looked upon for eight years as of Liverpool with no suggestion of his removal to another club. He has been recognized as their centre-forward although actually he came to them as an inside-left, and later developed as an inside-right and had spells at right-half and centre half the last named berth, is many estimates, being his best position.

Forshaw as a centre-forward, has played a peculiarly single handed game and has scored many goals entirely unaided.

Originally he was on the Middlesbrough books. He was born at Widnes, and joined the Army prior to the war, when he returned he was snapped up by Liverpool, and has been near international honours for some years. He began this season well, but after a while fell away a little owing to groin trouble.

It is only a fortnight ago that he recovered from an injury and turned out for Liverpool in the cup-tie at Highbury against Arsenal, after which he left the team and Reid was introduced.

The signing of Forshaw recalls the deal when Everton transferred William Lacey and Tom Gracie to Liverpool for Harold Uren. The Liverpool winger Forshaw is still a young man as football goes to day. He has had a benefit with Liverpool, and was two years short of a second benefit.

The Everton, having failed to get Robert McPhail (of Airdrie), Jock Gibson, and a Hull player determined to try nearer home, and their choice fell upon Forshaw.

Everton have paid on £20,000 within recent weeks for new men, and doubtless they will count it worth while if the club retains it position in the first division.

The payment made by Everton have been made possible owing to the loyal following of their crowd. It is no secret that the attendances at Goodison Park this season have been abnormally large, and possibly constitute a record for league games.

All these signing go to increase the attendance for the remaining home matches, of which there are five.
(Source: Liverpool Daily Post: March 3, 1927)

Dick Forshaw, Everton and Liverpool F.C.
Dick Forshaw Liverpool F.C.


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