Mrs. Forshaw: “I’m red, not blue.”

Friday, March 4 – 1927
The news of Forshaw‘s transfer to Everton in yesterday’s ‘’Daily Post” gave enthusiasts a new topic to discuss, and I have no doubt that the change created genuine surprise. From what I hear no one was more surprised than the player himself when he arrived at home, on Wednesday night to find the respective secretaries of the clubs, waiting for him. It is good to know that the player is leaving the Anfield club on the best of terms, and I am sure he will do all he can for Everton in their present plight. Forshaw is one of these players who believes in keeping himself fit all the year round and in the summer time he does a lot of walking and is fond of bowls. In these days when ladies are as enthusiastic about football as the men, a piquant situation arises when it transpires that Mrs. Forshaw has always been a support of Liverpool. She says:”I have never been an Evertonian, and I don’t know what I shall do about it.”
(Liverpool Daily Post, 04-03-1927)

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