Aston Villa’s popularity

June 13, 1927
Though, as the directors say, the play of the team was inconsistent, Aston Villa still retain their popularity, as is abundantly testified by the fact that the gate receipts for the season amounted to no less a sum than £50,950. Of this, £7,834 was paid away in percentages, and £7,092 in entertainment tax, the net receipts being £36,022.

Players’ wages, bonuses, benefits, transfers, etc., swallowed up £22,924, and a profit is shown of £687. There is a sum of £27,867 owing to the bank.

Tribute is paid to the service rendered to the club by Mr. G.B. Ramsay, and the directors state that joining the Midland League will give them greater scope for trying junior players.
(The Athletic News: June 13, 1927)


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