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Born: January 3, 1866: West Bromwich (Staffordshire), England.
Passed away: July 2, 1927: West Bromwich (Staffordshire), England.

Position: Centre half-back.

Height: (5ft. 10in.);
Weight: (12st. 7lb.).

West Bromwich Strollers: 1883.
West Bromwich Albion: Signed as an amateur: March, 1884 (professional: August, 1885).
** Retired through injury in December, 1895.

England A 3-0: (v. Ireland: March 15, 1890; v. Ireland: March 7, 1891; v. Wales: March 13, 1893).
Football League XI: 2-0.
FA Cup Winner: 1887-88 (West Bromwich), 1891-92 (West Bromwich).

Lloyd’s Weekly News: March 20, 1892.


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