Season preview 1927-28: Bo’ness F.C. (The Athletic News)

August 1, 1927
Bo’ness, carrying the colours of a West Lothian club in the First Division for the first time, will differ materially from the eleven which earned promotion except in the forward line, where an element of complexity has been introduced through the engagement of Duncan Walker, the old Bo’ness centre forward, who made a great name as a scoring centre forward when with St. Mirren, and has since done duty for Nottingham Forest.

C. Martin, the little Irish internationalist, has occupied the position for some season, and is still with Bo’ness. One or other may be played on the right wing. The half-backs and backs have all their spurs to earn, all of them being young players, in fact, the single man of any experience to speak of among the defenders is Dempster, who lost his place in the Airdrie goal to Jock Ewart, and in the St. Johnstone to Samuel Page, but is a good goalkeeper for all that.

James Dempster,
5ft. 10in., 12st.;

George Westwater,
Right back,
5ft. 7in., 11st.;

David Ramsay,
Left back,
5ft. 9in., 11st. 7lb.;

Thomas Creighton,
Left back,
5ft. 11in., 11st.;

Alex Duff,
Right half-back,
6ft. 0in., 12st. 4lb.;

Andrew Walker,
Centre half-back,
5ft. 10in., 12st.;

Archie Thomson,
Left half-back,
5ft. 11in., 10st. 6lb.;

James Kelly,
Left half-back,
5ft. 8in., 10st. 7lb.;

John Lynas,
Outside right,
5ft. 6½in., 10st. 9ln.;

John Clark,
Outside right,
5ft. 7½in., 11st. 3lb.;

James Gribben,
Inside right,
5ft. 8in., 11st. 4lb.;

Duncan Walker,
Centre forward,
5ft. 7½in., 11st. 1lb.;

Christy Martin,
Centre forward,
5ft. 6in., 10st. 6lb.;

Thomas Cottingham,
Inside forward,
5ft. 8½in., 11st. 6lb.;

John Hart,
Inside left,
5ft. 6in., 10st. 9lb.;

Robert Oswald,
Outside left,
5ft. 7in., 10st. 7lb.
(The Athletic News: August 1, 1927)


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