Season preview 1927/28 – Doncaster Rovers F.C. (The Athletic News)

Monday, August 1 – 1927
Doncaster Rovers are one of the fortunate clubs for as they made a profit of over £2,000 their finances are healthy, so that the directors, it is hoped, will not have to part with players.

While there is a growing feeling that the Rovers should make a bold bid for the Second Division, in view of the increasing mining population in their area, the team needs strengthening. Most of last season’s players have been retained, and will be under the guidance of Mr. David Menzies, the new manager, who succeed Mr. R. Ray, now of Leeds United.

New players are McNestry, an outside right from Bradford F.C., and Patterson, an inside forward from Bradford City. There are still places to fill, but negotiations are in progress, and judicious strengthening of the team may warrant promotion hopes.

The latest new signatory is John Phillipson, a young outside left, who scored 16 goals in Bury’s Central League team last season.

Jack Farmery,
6ft. 0in., 13st. 4lb.;

Jack Buckley,
Prudhoe Castle,
Right back,
5ft. 7½in., 11st.;

Joe Bowman,
Right or left back,
5ft. 8in., 11st.;

Alec Milne,
Left back,
5ft. 8½in., 11st.;

Charles Bussingham,
Left back,
5ft. 9in., 12st. 6lb.;

Jim Smith,
Full back,
5ft. 11in., 13st.;

Bob McLean,
Right half-back,
5ft. 7in., 11st.;

Ben Underwood,
Right half-back,
5ft. 10in., 11st. 8lb.;

Jock Morgan,
Centre half-back,
5ft. 10in., 11st. 10lb.;

Fred Emery,
Left half-back,
5ft. 8in., 11st.;

Bobby Whitelaw,
Left half-back,
5ft. 10in., 11st. 10lb.;

G.M. Nestry,
Outside right,
5ft. 9in., 11st. 10lb.;

Frank Keetley,
Inside right,
5ft. 9in., 11st.;

Eric Longden,
Inside right,
5ft. 11in., 12st. 4lb.;

Tom Keetley,
Centre forward,
5ft. 7½in., 11st. 10lb.;

Allan Hall,
Centre forward,
5ft. 10½in., 12st.;

Pat McConnell,
County Antrim,
Inside left,
5ft. 8in., 11st. 8lb.;

Michael Patterson,
Inside forward,
5ft. 7½in., 10st. 10lb.;

Wilf Bott,
Outside left,
5ft. 7in., 10st. 4lb.;

John Phillipson,
Outside left,
5ft. 9½in., 12st.
(The Athletic News, 01-08-1927)


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